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How to Bet on Greyhounds: A Step-by-Step Guide

The sport of greyhound racing is not in itself a complex genre to figure out. Like any sort of racing, you will have a set number of dogs per track, a track that is a certain length, and a race where dogs will finish in order. The dogs will be given odds of winning by oddsmakers, with some being favorites and some being underdogs. So when it comes to the basics of following the sport, you're not looking at something that's hard to figure out. And when it comes to learning the bets, finding the right betting locale, etc, Greyhound Betting Online can help with the rest.

Throughout this beginner's guide to greyhound racing, we're going to walk you through a series of steps, in a straightforward article style, so you know where to begin and how to go about placing bets on the greyhounds.

Helping Beginners Bet on Greyhound Races Like a Pro

Step One: Learn About the Bets and Genre

On the homepage of Greyhound Betting Online, we have covered the sport's most popular betting types, from straight win bets to quinellas and parlays. We cannot provide you much more than a description. With that information, you're going to have to figure out how these bets relate to you. Which one of these bet types would suit you the best when betting on the greyhounds? Match the types of bets up with the odds of any dog you find, and see who a favorite is vs. which dog(s) is a long shot. This will help you decide if you want to risk a lot on playing a trifecta, or perhaps going to safe route with a bet to place in a race. It all depends on how well you understand the betting types.

Step Two: Find a Quality Website

Once you have the types of bets figured out and understand the structures, it's time to find a good racebook. A racebook is basically just a sportsbook that deals in racing. Many deal in horse racing, while some deal with horse and greyhound racing. Though others deal specifically with greyhounds. When seeking out a good website on which to bet, you want a site that is accepted as reputable among its users, has a lot of betting options, provides you with plenty of races, has great security, and more. Truthfully, there's really no reason for you to go research a bunch of different sites. We will point you in the direction of a quality racebook with our greyhound site reviews section. From there, you just need to follow the steps and sign up.

Step Three: Brush Up on Some Frugal Betting Tips

Yes, it seems odd that we're giving you a tip that says to brush up on your tips. But hear us out! On our resource site here, you're going to find some very beginner-friendly tips about leveraging your bets, betting with only a small portion of your stack, and you will also learn about things to avoid when betting. Now, we're not claiming that our tips are so great that you will instantly start winning, but we do know our betting. We know that there's a way to minimize risk and maximize reward, and that by doing so you are statistically likely to start making money rather than losing it. So before you bet on your new-found site, brush up on your tips.

Step Four: Keep Up with the Sport

Most people who win at fantasy football are avid football fans and know the players, the teams, and their strengths and weaknesses. Being knowledgeable of the sport puts one in a great position to win. The same holds true with greyhound racing. It might be a little tougher, since you aren't watching the greyhounds on TV every week, but go ahead and start watching some races. You can find them on racebooks or even on a site like YouTube. Learn about the dogs on which you'll be betting. Learn about the tracks and how well dogs do on different surfaces, over different distances, etc. The more you know about the sport, the better your odds become of winning big when betting. Reading our page on how to read a greyhound racing program will go a long way in knowing what to look for prior to betting on a race.

Step Five: Don't Overshoot Your Experience Level

Realistically, if you follow our advice here and on the Greyhound Betting Online homepage, you should be able to profit when betting on greyhound races. However, it is exceedingly important here that you do not get cocky. Don't start thinking that you're ready for prime-time just because you've won a few dollars. Even after winning, stick to being frugal and practical, and always keep up with the genre. It's exponentially easier to lose money than to win money, and overshooting your experience level can quickly send you into a losing spiral.

Greyhound Betting Online wants to emphasize that the tips listed above are for beginners. That's why some seem very general. You see, it's not about guiding you through any particular type of bet; it's all about getting you used to the betting atmosphere with greyhounds and giving you the tools necessary to understand the bets and to keep up with the sport.

When you do feel you're ready to graduate and to start learning some very specific greyhound tips based on particular betting types, Greyhound Betting Online has you covered here too. We also have a section on how to place solid bets for advanced gamblers. Though, as a beginner, you should take things slowly. Iron out what you need to on this end, and then graduate to the more complicated stuff. As we mentioned earlier, don't overshoot your experience level. When you're ready, our more advanced greyhound betting tips page will be there waiting.