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Greyhound Betting Online attempts to act as your one-stop shop for all things greyhound racing. This includes a lot of positive aspects for greyhound gamblers, including how-to information for beginners,betting tips for advanced gamblers, and even some fun facts about greyhounds and some cool trivia. But out of everything we offer as a gambling resource, we are perhaps most proud of our reviews of online gaming sites on which you can bet the greyhounds. For us, this is a long and ongoing process. We aren't simply linking affiliate sites and telling you that they're good choices; we're putting in the legwork to deduce which racebooks online are worthy of your time.

At Greyhound Betting Online, you can find quite a few racebooks that will accept American players and offer fair standards to you. We will not stamp a site with our seal of approval just for kicks or just because a site is popular. It must hit on all points to be considered a legitimate site. We can't guarantee you a greyhound win, but we can guarantee that we can point you in the direction of a winning site.

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The Types of Sites We Review

Over the expanse of our network, we cover a broad range of sites. From online casinos and poker rooms to sportsbooks and even niche-specific sites like bingo and keno sites, we try to cover a little bit of everything. If you can gamble on it, we'll give it a look and see just how reputable the site is. For greyhound racing in particular, however, we keep things confined to what are called racebooks. A racebook is basically a sportsbook that only deals with racing. Similar to a sportsbook, you will find many different racing lines, odds, and different wagering options. Though a racebook will typically only offer a sport like greyhound racing and not a bunch of competing sports like football, basketball, etc.

Racebooks that offer greyhound betting are to-the-point sites that don't deal in a lot of fluff and filler. You get exactly what you'd expect to get: A day's worth of greyhound races. Since we're here to cater directly to greyhound gamblers, those are the types of sites we'll stick to covering at Greyhound Betting Online.

What We Look For in a Greyhound Racebook

So, what is our process of reviewing sites, exactly? Well, what we don't do, what we won't do, is provide any literature on a site that doesn't meet our expectations. In other words, our impartial reviews are the final stage in the process. This is our way of giving you the information you need on the sites to decide whether or not the site is a good fit. Long before we decide to write the review, we're there on the site, gambling, using its features, and testing its functionality. We're seeing how the site holds up, so when you get the review here, you can be sure the site is already tested by us.

Some of the things we're looking for in a good site are racebooks that offer:

  • Plenty of greyhound races
  • Simulcast options so you can watch the action
  • A lot of betting lines and betting options
  • User-friendly interfaces that can be figured out by beginners
  • High payout rates
  • A great reputation online with the site's fan-base
  • Ironclad security that will protect your account
  • Vivid graphics that look great
  • Software that operates well on any OS or platform
  • Customer service that's fast and friendly
  • Welcoming bonuses and promotions to make signing up lucrative
  • Valid and transparent licensing information

If a site meets this criteria during our thorough research process, you can expect to read a review about it. Like you, we're also gamblers. We have a lot invested in this genre. We want to help usher in a world of easily accessible gambling, and this all starts with current, accurate information.