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BetAmerica Review

One of the biggest names in the business, the BetAmerica racebook is licensed and operated inside of the US and caters directly to the US market. While their entire network offers a very broad range of betting options, including all popular sports, their racebook is also quite thorough. They offer a lot of different horse racing options, and also some greyhound options. The greyhounds are going to be the primary focus, but the horses will be covered too.

BetAmerica operates out of North Dakota, where they have their license and legal authority to offer their racebook to people. In independent reviews by third-party companies, BetAmerica's racebook actually scores quite well. They have a 10 of 10 in their Trust Rating, a 9 in Track Coverage, and 8s in both Promotions and Extra Features. Along with quality in-house software, simulcasts of most races, and other quality features like support and security, BetAmerica stands out as a great racebook for greyhound gamblers.

Highlights Of BetAmerica

BetAmerica Bonuses and Promotions

The biggest promotion you're going to find on the BetAmerica racebook is their $300 welcome bonus. Now, for beginners out there who aren't up to speed on how these sites work, you should keep in mind that this isn't free money. That is to say, they're not just throwing money into your account. You will receive a 100% deposit match bonus of up to the $300, so if you were to deposit $300, you would end up with $600. However, this money will clear in 10% increments when you place wagers on real money events. So, in other words, it will take you a while before you actually get this money, but you will get it.

Other promotions at BetAmerica include a 3% rebate on any bonus track on which you bet. Simply check out the racebook's main page to find out which tracks are considered bonus tracks for the day. If you bet enough different races, you will find that the 3% adds up nicely. Also, the site has new promotions every week or so, so make sure you're paying attention to what sort of promotions they're offering. It might be something you won't want to miss.

Types of Betting Options Offered at BetAmerica

There are two main categories on which to bet via BetAmerica's racebook: Horse racing and greyhound racing. For each style of racing, you can place a myriad of bets, including but not limited to straight bets, handicapped, trifectas, quinellas, parlays, pick 3s and 6s, roll-over bets, and more. Basically, any type of bet you can find at an on-location racetrack, you can find offered at BetAmerica.

For their greyhound racing in particular, BetAmerica actually provides you with a handicapping guide, full of all the information you need. You can read more about these guides on our section at Greyhound Betting Online. Suffice to say that these guides are vital parts of winning money at the track. You will also find a whole lot of greyhound races covered. No matter which state is running a race, you will find the program and odds available at BetAmerica. They do have many more options in the realm of horse racing as well, including even international races and all the big-name American races. If you're looking to place a wager on the greyhounds or horses, you definitely have options here.

The Racebook's Software

BetAmerica has developed their own in-house software. The reasoning behind this is that the site doesn't offer up games and other casino fixtures per se; they offer strictly a racebook on which you can bet on greyhounds or horses. To that end, they don't need the complex game software. However, that doesn't mean BetAmerica's software isn't innovative. With the majority of greyhound races ran at the site, gamblers can watch them in live-time as they're simulcast on pop-up video.

BetAmerica's software, BAM Software and Services LLC, is a full-featured platform that works on PCs, mobile devices, and requires little processing power to run smoothly. For the purposes of betting on races, this is some of the best software in the business.


Greyhound racing might not be as popular as online casino games, poker, or even horse racing, but that doesn't stop BetAmerica from providing a full featured site that fires on all cylinders. Some of the positives we have found throughout our research process of the site include but aren't limited to:

  • A hefty welcome bonus that gives you free money (stipulations apply)
  • A unique and innovative software platform that operates smoothly
  • A simulcast option to watch all the races in live-time
  • A long list of betting options, including everything you'd find at a live track and more
  • A solid customer support team
  • A transparent license and other regulation information that's easily accessible
  • A lot of greyhound races that you won't find anywhere else
  • Other gaming options inside the BetAmerica brand to keep you occupied
  • Tight security to keep your account safe


Racebooks are a dime a dozen on the Internet, so a site like BetAmerica has to do certain things to stand out as an appealing site for gamblers interested in betting on greyhounds. They accomplish this by offering an across-the-board package that really manages to score well in a wide range of categories. Perhaps the first thing you will notice about BetAmerica is that their greyhound section is very interactive. The parimutuel community is large, and you can watch all the races streaming in real-time. This is a very solid benefit because it allows you to really be immersed in the racing. Their in-house software is also very solid. It looks great, it runs smoothly, and it will operate across a range of platforms.

Then you get to benefits of the site like their welcome bonus and their ongoing promotions. BetAmerica has no problem rewarding new and returning players with cashback options, bonus tracks, bonus dollars, and much more. Add in some solid customer support and tight security, and you have the makings of a very reputable racebook. This is certainly a site we recommend you try out if you want to bet on the greyhounds.